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Daniela Vincenz

Though creating art has always been her passion, Daniela Vincenz previously worked as a goldsmith and owned her own jewellery atelier in Switzerland. Her 10-year residence in Dubai made it possible to realise her dreams and what once began as a passion is today her profession. Having arrived in the far East, Vincent decided to concentrate more on art motives in large dimensions. That way she was able to develop her unique style with mixed acrylic paints in soft tones and outside the conventional technics.

The multilayering techniques she employs in her works, create desired depths and strengthens the three-dimensional impression.


The everyday life is her inspiration. Life in the big city confronted her with lots motive from the many cultures, nationalities, faces and people. This gave rise to her art series “Global Faces and “City People”. Back in her homeland, Switzerland, the bond with nature and her traditions now flows into her art.


With her art, Vincenz has a pure desire to create something beautiful and which is free from provocation and political cliches.

13 Sinaeanne165x130
7 vanou 170x120
8 renee 160x120
3 alivia 190x145
4 saphire 190x145
1 josette 150x130
11 Amru, 190x160
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