Yuliya Stratovich 

Yuliya Stratovich is inspired by contemporary artists and minimalist, constructivist art. In Yuliyas mind, beauty lies in simplicity, and she feels a great harmony with clear lines and shapes. From her earliest childhood, she spent her days drawing and painting and has now taken a winding, multi-faceted path until she arrived at her present technique and expression, with which she feels a deep bond and kinship. She works with acrylic paint and a palette-knife, constantly striving for perfection and complete mastery over her chosen medium. To find the clearest expression that can speak a universal language is her driving force.


Gigantic, milky-wide skies; majestic cliffs, ridges and valleys. Sharp contrasts permeate her works. With an exceptional feeling for the nature of light, Yuliya Stratovich creates atmospheres that captivate the viewer. She creates leaden, stormy horizons and gentle, redeeming dawns with light just gathering.


One can still sense the force and rushed movement, with which Yuliya Stratovich brings the strokes of her spatula on the canvas. This vigor and whirl of raw colour is captured and held in the massiveness and sharpness of the landscapes.

Occasionally, a person appears in the composition of her scenery and offers the viewer the opportunity to come to rest in the expanse of her images. At the same time, it draws you deeper into the icy landscape of the north, opening up new dimensions.


In the eyes of Yuliya Stratovich, every artist paints, in one way or another, himself and his life. These mountain landscapes and Nordic sceneries are thus a metaphor for life, her life. The peaks are the highlights and successes that everyone seeks to scale in his or her life. The artist (or viewer) is the delicate figure in the paintings, who embarks on this long journey.

Depth Yuliya Stratovich
Storm Yuliya Stratovic 2017
Before The Blizzard Y.S. 2017
Y. Stratovic The Path
The Foam of Days