URBAN CONCEPTS: Die Ausstellenden im Interview

Unter dem Motto Urban Concepts, präsentieren 10 Kunstschaffende aus Hamburg und Umgebung ab dem 29. Februar 2020 jeweils zwei ihrer Werke in der GRACE DENKER GALLERY und ermöglichen somit einen Einblick in ihre kreative Arbeit und machen neugierig auf mehr. Die unterschiedlichen Herangehensweisen, Ideen und Konzepte kreieren eine besondere, inspirierende Erfahrung.

Lernen Sie in folgendem Beitrag die Ausstellenden besser kennen und erhalten Sie einen Einblick in ihr künstlerisches Schaffen und ihre artistischen Konzepte. Die Ausstellenden beantworten uns, wie ihr künstlerischer Prozess aussieht, wie sie beginnen und welche Materialien sie verwenden. Zudem erklären sie, welchen Einfluss ihre Kunst auf die Welt haben kann.

In dem Interview äußern sich Alena Kuschnereit, Carsten Müller, Gunda Oppermann, Nassim Aslani, Nekissa Behroozfard, Olga Chirkova, Sabine Kisvari, Teodora Dumitrache, Yorjander Capetillo, Vanessa Vilchis.

Anmeldung für die Vernissage unter: https://www.artcraftliving.com

Vanessa Vilchis

Art for me goes beyond something physical, it is something about senses and emotions, it has been part of the healing and understanding process of my own life. It is the most honest way I have to reveal my thoughts and show my essence.

Art is also about transmitting and embracing all those needs that we have to express ourselves. It is one of the main motors of life and its constant and inevitable progress. It helps the human being to search and find himself, hence its great importance. Art is able to move consciences, to change the world and the way we see it.

When an idea comes to me, it´s easy to imagine it in a painting, however at the moment I am faced with an empty canvas, everything changes. The same idea is transformed as I advance with my work, the piece guides me, speaks to me and inspires me. In the process of creation, magic is generated. What was no clear at first about how to capture it, little by little the work in progress gives me an idea of how to continue. Everything becomes fixed.

Usually, I like to work with materials that allow me to overlap the necessary painting layers until reaching what I want to express. Materials that lead me to highlight the sensible and tangible side of the human body. I work a lot with oil and acrylic on canvas or wood.

The preparation for work on wood allows me to thin the paint and make a watercolor effect, but a little bit thicker. I like to experiment with textures. To portrait older people gives me the freedom of playing with their different skin tones, their wrinkles, imperfections, contours, and degradations. The colors selected are always related to some feeling at the moment of painting. I focus my interest on sensations that certain colors incite me.