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Artist Portrait: Renate Hamer

Renate Hamer's works impress with their versatility. Her paintings range from realistic portraits to expressive, abstract motifs with intense colors and contain a variety of emotions, techniques and color schemes. In an interview, she reveals details about her time at the Private Art Academy and talks about hurdles that have to be mastered when it comes to the the profession of being an artist.

When did you first discover and realise, that painting is your passion?

During my school years, in the 5th or 6th grade.

What inspires you and do you experience periods of time in which you have difficulty finding inspiration? What do you do in these times?

In painting and through my art, I can express my feelings and process my thoughts. If I do not paint for a long time, I do need time to get back in the workflow again but sometimes a break from art is actually good for me.

Do you have a particular artist or an art movement that impress and influence you? Do you integrate specific artists, painting styles or ways of approaching the artistic process in your work?

During my first years at the private academy, we were taught various painting styles by different artists. During that time, I created many paintings with a whole range of different techniques.

How do you start your creative process, what feeling drives you in the beginning?

I start painting without an idea. I let go of everything and sometimes even I am surprised about the result.

With which colour medium do you prefer to work at the moment?

I currently work quite a lot with acrylic, quartz sand, collages etc.

Which technique has influenced you most in your creative process? With which technique do you feel most comfortable with in your current creative process and why?

I like the technique of the old masters because it requires a lot of skill. But I like the technique of monotyping most. It is and always will be unique. The monotyps sometimes random nature and structures gives it a special appeal. Even today I work a lot with monotypes.

How long do you work on an art piece?

This is always different, it depends on the technique.

How would you describe the changes your works of art and your style of painting went through over the years?

After leaving the private academy in July 2015, my style of painting changed. I now paint freely, without pressure and can let off steam.

Your colour palette and especially the intensity, and hues of the colours is very diverse. Would you like to say something about your relationship with colour (in general)?

The colours I choose always follow my moods. Sometimes tender, sometimes powerful, sometimes loud and sometimes quiet.

What was the most important advice you received during your time at the Leonardo Fine Art Private Academy that perhaps still influences your work to this day?

The acquisition of methods and techniques from simple drawing and painting processes to complex mixed media techniques. I can let my feelings run freely in the process of painting and creating art. I was able to cope with ups and downs with the help of my painting.

What obstacles await a person who decides to devote their life to art? Did you have to overcome hurdles as an artist? How did you handle these?

I often stood in my own light and put myself under a lot of pressure, I had very high expectations of my pictures. To live as an artist and make a living is very difficult. I was always working and did not have these financial worries.

What do you hope that a viewer of your works experiences? What would you like to awaken within the viewer?

My pictures speak for themselves. Sometimes they are loud and sometimes quiet. They show a lot of feelings about me and tell stories.

Do you have a vision in which direction your art could develop in the future?

I want to show the diversity of my whole body of work and I will continue to paint as long as my fingers still join in. I also wish that my artworks find a new home.

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