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GDG Artists of the Month

Our GDG Artist Of The Month publication features curator-selected art works, chosen from amongst our featured artists on instagram and facebook. Established as well as upcoming talents are published to the world, giving artists the chance to get noticed.

This month’s publication is featuring Soussen (Susanne Fornasier) and Franscesco Ruspoli.

Soussen - Susanne Fornasier

Structural and haptic surfaces. Old walls. The cross section of stones and semi-precious stones, the emergence of something new out of decomposed materials, are all elements which fascinate Soussen and inspire her works.

She was introduced to the Intuitive Process Painting by her teacher Gabriele Musebrink and has since adopted the technique as her preferred means of expressing her artistic abilities. The Intuitive Process Painting is defined as a reflection of the natural life process. An expression of transformation, morphology in painting, birth, and decay.

Soussen has been able to develop her own unique characteristic visual language from this technique. She employs materials such as marble dust and lime putty in her works, using construction boards as her base, which creates relief-like surfaces and enhances the wall-like character of her works.

Her various travels and stays in Australia and Qatar have provided her with infinite inspiration and still influences her work till date.

To see more of Soussen's works, visit:

Image: Recycling by Susanne Fornier

Medium: espresso capsules, steel wool,

foil, metal, marmot dust, soot, ash,

pigments, acrylic, gold leaf, wax,

ink on building panel

Franscesco Ruspoli

In today’s world dominated by technology and where interacting in terms of human feelings and connections is rather neglected, Ruspoli’s art stimulates an emotional response from the viewer, exploring relational space and its potentials in the modern society.

His art borders on abstractism and figuratism and is meant to re-inspire the emotional and spiritual dimensions of the human life. He uses vibarant colours and striking contrasts in his paintings to express nuance of emotion and sensous physicality. The figures in his works are purposely placed viscerally in relation to each other in order to reflect on relatedness and the sense of mutual encounter which encompasses the viewer.

Born of a British mother with a French background and a Belgian father with an Italian background, Ruspoli inspiration from new surroundings moved him towards a new way of working, stimulated by the influences of artists such as Francis Bacon, Frank Auerbach, Henri Matisse, Edward Munch and Egon Schiele.

Ruspoli’s work invites the viewer to participate in a creative encounter with the shapes, forms and colours used to express sensations of lived experience. Viewers are encouraged to construct their own visual languages and meanings. His statement as an artist is this: “Art is about sharing visual ideas. My canvas may not have a front or a back cover but I try with each study, each painting to represent a work to be read rather than stared at. If through my work as an artist I am able to stimulate thoughts and feelings then I have achieved my goal.”

To see more of Ruspoli's works, visit


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May 2017 Publication. GRACE DENKER GALLERY. All rights reserved.

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