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The Opening Event of Grace Denker Gallery: A Look at the Featured Artists

Discover and experience art in one of the newest contemporary art galleries in Hamburg. At the opening event of our gallery on the 31st of March, we will be presenting three artists: Susanne Böhm, Mario Henrique and Anja Klich. Each artist’s works find home in the world of contemporary art, but their works could not be more varied and more striking.

Henrique's oversized works confront us with the faces of our time: faces of refugees and migrants, victims of a distorted reality created by politics and the media. The faces in his paintings engage the observer with penetrating, sad, innocent and sometimes questioning looks. The faces tell stories and invoke various emotions upon the observer.

Böhm's works on the other hand, are mostly averted from the viewer, and anonymous. The "New German Pop Art" artist uses strong and contrasting colours to express perplexing everyday life. As a result, the forms, shapes and surfaces are so clearly defined and so accurately separated from one another that a nearly paralysing calm is introduced. She allows the observer to give expressions to the empty faces.

Klich’s works are mostly abstract and are inspired by feelings, music, various impressions from the urban life and by the peace and tranquility of nature.

Delving deeper and taking a closer look at the three artists, we shed more light on each artist and their artistic perspectives:

Susan Böhm

Susan Böhm currently resides and works from her studio in Mannheim, Germany. After graduating from the Free Academy of Arts in Mannheim, she has since held multiple solo and group exhibitions. She cannot trace back a specific initial artistic moment, but rather lends her artistic beginnings to her own curiosity for art, especially Impressionism and the desire to withdraw into herself. To her, everything can be considered contemporary art, but she prefers to own abstract and geometric works because they simultaneously convey order and chaos. She finds her artistic influences from American Pop Art, along with David Hockey, Andy Warhol, Ellsworth Kelly, amongst others. She defines modern art as the “here and now” and is interested in how current events are portrayed in the media. Her own works involve mixed, colourful geographical patterns with anonymous faces that explore everyday normalcy in which she herself adds to the chronicling of these current events. She advices beginner artists to be free and open to the seemingly unimportant details of everyday life in order to understand transmitted messages or feelings.