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A Beginner’s Guide for Private Art Collectors

Collecting art is in itself a form of art because the pieces also have to work together. A sign of a great personal collector is the “ability to separate out specific works of art …and assemble them in such a way as to increase or advance our understanding of that art in particular” writes ( Whether you are a beginner or wanting to extend a personal collection, here are a few helpful tips:

Buy art for you, not for visitors

While showing off your fancy art collection to friends or family is definitely something to strive for in the long run, that shouldn’t be the sole purpose of beginning a collection. You are the one who sees and experiences this art simply because you live amongst it. “Art is a purchase for life” suggests Vogue ( so when considering making a purchase, think “How will I feel about this in 5 years? 10 years? Every day?” Furthermore, how does this art represent you? Be “true to your tastes” writes, because art shouldn’t be about the boring or simple, but should be a reflection of what you personally find extraordinary.

Consider multiple mediums

While classic art mediums like sketches and paintings still make for wonderful art, technology has allowed for new mediums to arise such as moving screens and sounds. These types of innovative mediums “tend to be very affordable”, writes Vogue. The typical person spends a lot of time staring at a screen throughout the day so why not spice it up with some art?

Do some research

Though money may be something keeping you from starting an art collection, there are ways to go around that obstacle and make things a little bit easier. ( suggests perusing through old auction results to get price range ideas. There are also many auctions available online such as Sotheby’s and Christies’s. Vogue recommends another method by finding edition pieces. Some smaller galleries offer the work from their own artists at a reduced price. In addition to that, mentions that doing some Google research on artists that you’re interested in can go a long way in finding out the artist’s quality and reputation.

Join art events

Joining local art events is not only a great way to figure out the best deals on art prices, but also helps you discover your own taste in art as well as meeting fellow art lovers along the way. There are many local offerings in Hamburg such as: The Affordable Art Fair (, where 80 local artists and galleries will come together to showcase their works coming up in November this year. The next Long Night of the Museums ( is just around the corner and will be on April 22nd 2017, where for only 15€ (10€ if student or unemployed etc.) you have access to multiple museums around Hamburg, including the transport to get there. Last but not least, always be on the lookout for small gallery openings with special deals.

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