Renate Hamer describes her art as "sometimes loud, sometimes quiet". Her paintings range from portraits to expressive, abstract motifs with intense colors and contain a variety of emotions, techniques and color schemes.

The passionate, experienced artist already discovered art in her childhood. From 1980 on, she visited the private academy Leonardo Fine Arts and has been working for more than 35 years as a part-time, freelance painter. In her artistic career and especially during her time at the Academy, she has developed a great treasure of refined techniques. After leaving the academy in 2015, her style of painting changed. It was like a weight fell off her, she felt the freedom to let off steam and step outside her comfort zone. Sometimes, even the artist herself is surprised by the results.

The artist’s passion and vitality is reflected in her artworks.


"My pictures speak for themselves, sometimes they are loud and sometimes quiet, they show a lot of my feelings and tell their own stories."

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