Michael Ottavio

Michael Ottavio is a Self taught Artist living near Hamburg.


In his works Michael Ottavio would like to encourage you to look within the boundaries of what you encounter, but also to find what is hidden outside of the striking middle.                       

Interrupt clear structures and incorporate hidden messages.

Abstract criticism of our society, the way we deal with people and animals, racism and themes of daily live are often the basic for his Art.


By taking daily life as a topic and at the same time commenting on the everyday aesthetics of bourgeois values, Michael Ottavio often creates his Paintings and Sculptures through creative game tactics and uses regular Materials such as tape, metal tools, chains and much more.


His work does not always refer to recognizable forms and shapes.

The results are often deconstructed to the extent that the meaning shifts and the possible interpretation becomes diverse.

By working around the idea of the “ubiquitous lingering in a corporate world”; the Work of Michael Ottavio creates intense personal moments.

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