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Grace Denker

Grace Denker is the gallery owner and a self-taught artist. She is primarily active in the educational branch but has a strong passion for art. She creates art, and collects art. She founded the gallery with the aim of supporting, promoting, and celebrating the works of national and international artists. Founding a gallery, in addition to being owner and CEO of a private school in Hamburg, is a heartfelt and passionate affair for her.

She is currently working on a series of paintings inspired by current affairs and the migration of refugees.

Artist's Statement:

I am inspired by my surroundings, by strong emotions and by everyday objects. I tend to create a puzzle in my work, with the parts, sections, shapes and colours working together to depict the subject matter. I mainly paint with acrylic but I sometimes experiment with gouache as well as other mixed media in my paintings.


I am very passionate about transforming objects in my surroundings into art as well as transcribing positive energy, emotions and messages into abstract forms on canvas. The feelings my work invoke differ for each individual and audience. When I share my art, I sometimes give subtle clues on what inspired me to create the artwork. Most times however, I prefer to give away very little interpretation in order to give the audience room to make their own interpretations. As such, the individual and personal experience of the viewing is preserved.

When transforming everyday objects to art, I let the subject matter and the emotions behind it guide me in choosing the right media and colours. I have to envision and believe in what is achievable as well as estimate the potentials of an object, what the object could be and what could be made out of it. It goes with the notion that when the potentials of our surroundings are taken for granted, a lot in our lives are left in their original state. With No movement. No variety. No change. No colours.

Through art, I try to express that what is seen is not always what it seems nor what it will always be. I try to reveal a whole new world of abstractionism, creativity and possibilities.

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